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Quokking In Australia!

Amos, Alvin and Anthony reunite with Jolin and Sheila, the girls from Malaysia, to visit Perth on an
eco-holiday. It’s a wild adventure for these friends, experiencing Australia’s unique wildlife like the spiky echidna, poisonous snakes and the flightless emu. What began as a childish quest to eat the biggest emu eggs becomes a quarrel…
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Seoul Searching!

We were off on our first family holiday ever, to Seoul! But everyone was caught up in their own thing: Dad with emails from the office, Mum and Grandma were chasing K-pop stars, Whoopie only cared about growing long eyelashes. As for Everest, he was out to win the Choco Pie eating contest. And me? To win the Instagram Prize for a Popular Youth! When Grandpa went missing, our holiday became a living nightmare! How were we going to find him?
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Monkeying In Malaysia!

Five days trekking in Sarawak, Malaysia's Batang Ai National Park, with my bros Alvin and Anthony! And I'd be seeing Jolin, ahem, the "object of my infatuation" (according to Mum, anyway). I thought this trip would be a walk in the park! But when our chaperone turned out to be a zealous ex-military guy and we found ourselves trailed by a mysterious creature, we knew we had to get out of the jungle FAST! Imagine our horror when a group of poachers showed up with shotguns! Oh man…are we going to get out ALIVE?
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Lost in Taipei

11 days in TAIPEI with my best friends. No naggy parents, no pesky siblings. I should be ecstatic, right? But nooo...
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The Big Spell Off

Whoopie's now 10. She's smart and sassy, but hardly famous. So she's decided to do something about it: join the National Spelling Championship!

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Poop Fiction: An interactive book for kids

How did people poop before the toilet bowl was invented? Why is the toilet bowl sometimes referred to as a "throne"? Written by Adeline Foo, author of Singapore's bestselling children's book series The Diary of Amos Lee, Poop Fiction is a quirky (and cute!) guide to the world of poop. Filled with fun facts, interactive activities and colourful illustrations, kids aged 3 to 6 will have a ball of a time learning about poop, toilets and other unmentionables!
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The Diary Of Amos Lee: Lights, Camera, Superstar!

When his diaries are stolen and published, Amos thinks his world is coming to an end. But what he doesn't realise at first is he's starting to become really famous!
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Your D.I.Y Toilet Diary To Fame!

This D.I.Y diary is peppered with fun stuff, doodles and personality tests to get you started on the road to fame. There is no short cut!
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Whoopie Lee: Almost Famous

Her diary is different. She doesn’t follow any rule of thumb. She writes what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. Whoopie Lee will stop at nothing to prove that she is more famous than her brother!
National Bestseller for 10 weeks!
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The Diary of Amos Lee: I’m Twelve, I’m Tough, I Tweet!

Amos, in his last year in primary school, resolves to be voted as the most popular boy in school. But running against him is Michael, his arch enemy. In the fight for votes, Amos learns to tweet, but what he isn’t prepared for is the power of cyber warfare when Michael turns to YouTube and Facebook to cheat. Will Amos go down in the history of his school as the biggest twirp?
Available from 6 November 2010!
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The Diary of Amos Lee: Girls, Guts & Glory!

The story of Amos continues.  He is still writing his diary in the toilet, but he has found a way to hide it from Mum’s prying eyes.  Amos joins the school’s swim team and learns about hunger, not the sort to make you want to eat food, but the drive to excel and win medals in competitions!  The themes in Book 2 touch on family, friendship and loyalty.  Lessons are also drawn from Olympic legends like Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis and Sebastian Coe, in inspiring legions of young athletes to be the best in both studies and sports.  Amos seeks his Olympic dream, in this second installation.
Due for release in Singapore from 12 December 2009
The Diary of Amos Lee: I Sit, I Write, I Flush!

This diary began as Mum’s New Year resolution to get me to write. She told me to write when I am doing my big business. “Five to eight minutes max!” she said. “I don’t want you to develop piles!” And so my writing in the bathroom began. My entries started with the boring old stuff… then Mum got this new job as a writer and, following her around, I got to do fun stuff, like ogle at deformed frogs, see into the future with a fortune-telling parrot and wow at a life-sized F1 car made of chocolate! That’s how I got more interesting things to write about. Plus, I had to deal with an EVIL bully who was tormenting me at school… thank goodness for my best friends, Alvin and Anthony, we rallied against the bully and got through this year with lots of adventures and good fun!